While we welcome the wet weather, our home could use a bit of a fall facelift to ensure that our curb appeal isn’t washed away in the rain.

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Q: We’re tired of staring at the bleakness that is our home’s front exterior. Any suggestions?

A: This question is particularly pertinent now that the color of summer has started to fade from our front yards, replaced by the sogginess that typifies Northwest falls and winters.

While we welcome the wet weather, its gray persona tends not to add much to our homes’ exterior palate. What we need, then, is a bit of a fall facelift to ensure that our curb appeal isn’t washed away in the rain.

Creative covers

Remember that your yard does just as much for a home’s overall appeal as the structure itself, so don’t avoid it during this time of the year. Even basic maintenance makes for prettier properties.

Keep in mind the limitations of fall landscaping, however, by replacing all those wilted flowers with a little (or a lot) of mulch. If you don’t want to shell out for the organic stuff or are looking for more variety, sprinkle those bare patches with wood chips or pine straw, the latter of which helps to keep the soil underneath snug and healthy.

Alternative rock

A rock garden also makes for a great autumn alternative to plants. Versatile and requiring little maintenance, rock gardens add natural appeal. They can be as simple or complex as you’d like, and add instant appeal to blank or barren spaces both large and small.

There are many types of rock gardens, so choose the one that works best for your particular yard setup and situation, keeping in mind things like slope, surrounding area and water runoff.

Front-door fixins’

Looking to spice up your home’s façade but don’t have the time or patience to paint the whole thing? Just focus on the front door. Giving it a natural beige, dark green or brown hue matches the look and feel of fall, and creates a cool, contrasting focal point.

Complete the new look with an autumn-inspired wreath or cozy porch display and become the envy of dog-walking debutantes from blocks away.

By the numbers

Updating the front numbers is a creative and easy way to give your home some extra oomph. Wood or metal, big and bold or otherwise, a home’s numbers can say much more than just the address.

Let there be light

A well-placed wall lantern not only adds a touch of old-school elegance to your front-door area, but also provides a much-needed welcoming beacon for those days when the sun begins to set shortly after lunch. Plus, it’ll go great with your newly renovated door.