When thinking of spring, what colors come to mind? For me, it’s pink, yellow and blue.

Blue is not only one of the most popular colors, it’s also an ideal color for spring. Looking for ways to use blue in your spring décor? Here are some tips to consider.

1. Use different tints, tones and shades of blue. It is OK to mix light blue and indigo, for example.

2. Integrate blue accents through elements such as artwork.

3. Look to accessories such as toss pillows, throws and vases as a way to infuse blue into a space.

4. Don’t be afraid to use black. Black can help make certain shades of blue look richer.

5. Pair darker shades of blue with light colors such as taupe and white to add a sense of contrast.


6. Consider using blue as a foundation color. It can be used a base color similar to colors such as black or brown.

7. Purchase an area rug that contains blue to make a bold color or pattern statement.

8. Blend different shades of blue in a single room if you are looking for a more interesting and less monochromatic color palette.

9. Color map blue in a room or throughout a home. The design technique known as color mapping involves repeating the same or similar colors to create a cohesive color story.

10. Consider gray. Whether a light gray or a deep charcoal, pairing blue with gray is a powerful and intriguing combination.