Wearing basically the same outfit every day can save time and free you from the daily mini-anxiety of choosing an outfit.

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You are busy. You not only have a job, but maybe also kids to raise, parents to look after, a book or church group, volunteer work and perhaps a passionate avocation.

Given that every second of your day counts, you’re probably always looking for ideas to streamline your routine.

You might consider adopting a “work uniform.” Whether you are male or female, wearing basically the same outfit every day can free you from the daily mini-anxiety of “Do these socks look OK with these pants?” or “Am I wearing this top too often?”

A work uniform not only cuts a decision out of your workday, it saves time. You may spend only five minutes every morning deciding what to wear, but if you shorten that to no minutes, you’ll have gained more than 20 extra hours per year.

Shopping will be easier, too. Once you’ve hit on a look you like, it will take no time at all to stock your closet for the season or even year. Time your purchases to sales and you’ll also save money.

Contrary to what you might think, wearing the same outfit every day will not make you feel self-conscious. Indeed, it will make you feel more in control because you’ll know you’re always dressed appropriately. Mom was right. When you look smart and competent, you feel smart and competent. Plus there’s a powerful psychological advantage in that the work uniform puts you in the mindset for work, which sets you up for better concentration and higher productivity.

OK, maybe you don’t want to go as far as wearing the exact same ensemble every day. But you could create a highly specific work wardrobe. Work wardrobes are limited in scope, and everything mixes and matches. You wear your work clothes only to work. The most successful work wardrobes are comfortable, flattering, appropriate to your industry/workplace and — most of all — say something positive to the world about who you are.

But do consider the work uniform. It can be a powerful branding device. Think of Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck or Mark Zuckerberg’s gray T-shirt. These items of clothing, simple as they are, are memorable and have made their wearers instantly recognizable. Your own signature outfit could do the same for you.