Reasons for loathing a job fall roughly into two categories: boredom or insecurity.

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Perhaps you hate your job. You know this because you dread going into work every day — and while you’re there, you count the minutes until quitting time. In fact, just the thought of your work saps you of all energy and ambition. Who knew that a mere job could cause this much misery?

So of course you should probably quit. Today. Life is too short, right? We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and it shouldn’t be this awful.

But wait.

Before giving notice, before walking out that door for the last time, you really need to understand why you hate your job. For one thing, you may be able to make improvements to your situation. For another, you need to know what to avoid when getting a new job.

Reasons for hating a job fall roughly into two categories:

Boredom. Very often, people who hate their jobs are bored. Boredom can be even worse than having too much to do. Never learning anything, never being challenged, never doing anything different from the same-old, same-old is mind-deadening and soul-destroying. A lack of opportunity for advancement goes under the boredom category, as well as finding yourself in a dying company or industry.

Insecurity. If your co-workers are undercutting you, if your boss is a tyrant one day and wants to be your buddy the next, if the company values don’t mesh with your own, then your work situation is insecure. It’s hard to do a good job, much less enjoy it, if you feel over-managed, spied upon, unappreciated, underpaid or disconnected in any way. Insecurity also stems from not being given the training or tools we need to do a good job.

If one or more of these issues defy your best attempts to resolve them, then indeed you need to make a change.

However, if you find yourself in a pattern of starting a job you think you’ll love but then end up hating it six months later, consider that perhaps the problem isn’t the job but the work itself. Did you choose your career for its prestige and earning potential? Were you pushed into it by parental expectations? If so, you may just be in the wrong line of work for you.