If you want to become a billionaire, then maybe you should do what billionaires do — and that could start with getting a similar education.

Recruitment app Debut delved into the biographies of 851 billionaires and came up with a list of the universities that have produced the most self-made members of the exclusive super-wealthy club. Below is the Top 10, with the number of up-by-the-bootstraps billionaires each institution can claim.

10. Yale University: 11

10. University of Pennsylvania: 11

10. Peking University (Beijing, China): 11

10. Cornell University: 11

9. University of California at Los Angeles: 12

6. New York University: 13

6. Moscow State University (Russia): 13

6. Fudan University (Shanghai, China): 13

5. University of Southern California: 14

4. Columbia University: 16

3. Harvard Business School: 20

2. Stanford University: 34

1. Harvard University: 51

However, maybe you actually shouldn’t put too much stock in where the world’s billionaires went to school. Debut, which used Forbes magazine’s 2019 billionaire’s list as its starting point, points out that “40 of the world’s richest entrepreneurs” never went to college at all.