Whether it’s Michelle Obama, Russell Wilson or Satya Nadella, here’s how to learn from those you admire.

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I have a new book out and I’m pumped! Sure, I’m thrilled about its publication, but more than that, I’m still basking in the glow of Michelle Obama. “What’s Your M.O.?: Live Your Best Life, the Michelle Obama Way” allowed me to do a deep dive into all things Michelle, and I was transformed in the process.

Let me explain.

Michelle Obama is a gold medalist in the all-around competition of life. She’s smart, strong, articulate, poised, principled and compassionate. She’s a role model to millions, including me. It got me to thinking about how our personal heroes can guide us on the job in practical ways.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are trying to figure out how you can apply their M.O. to your own life.

What’s their mantra or motto? “Know your own value” or “when they go low, we go high” are just a couple of my favorite Michelle quotes. Does your mentor have a guiding motto that you could adopt or use to inspire your own? These sort of bite-size philosophies can help keep you focused on the big picture of your career and life.

Who are the people they surround themselves with? We are the company we keep, and it’s important to develop a tribe of friends and loved ones who are aspirational to you. Besides Barack and family, Michelle’s inner circle includes former classmates, spectacular women in their respective fields. Who are the people that make you want to be a better human being?

What do they stand up for? Has your role model put a stake in the ground over something he or she feels passionately about? The causes they care about say a lot about their character. Spend some time thinking about what you’re willing to go to the mat for.

What’s the attitude you most associate with them? When I think of Michelle, the words that immediately come to mind are strong and determined. She was relentless in pursuing her education and career, she was indefatigable on the campaign trail, she was committed to her initiatives while first lady, and she stood tall against her critics. I think about what Michelle would do when I am faced with challenges that require strength and fortitude.