Young professionals who move abroad before they turn 35 see bigger increases to their earnings and get promoted more quickly, according to HSBC Holdings PLC’s annual league table of the best places for expats to live and work. They see average wage increases of 35% after relocating overseas, with the average salary rising to $54,484 from $40,358, while earnings in the 35-54 and 55-and-over age brackets increase just 24% and 9%, respectively.

The best pay packages for young professionals are to be found in Indonesia and Turkey, according to the bank.

Overall, these are the top markets for expat employment based on lifestyle and advancement factors, according to the survey.

1. Switzerland

2. Singapore

3. Canada

4. Spain

5. New Zealand

6. Australia

7. Turkey

8. Germany

9. United Arab Emirates

10. Vietnam

11. Bahrain

12. Isle of Man

13. Poland

14. Ireland

15. Hong Kong

16. Malaysia

17. France

18. India

19. Jersey

20. Sweden