How has it been going for all those folks who have been working from home because of the pandemic? What are the pros and cons? How is it working out?

Ezvid Wiki, a video wiki, software and media company, surveyed 4,020 workers nationally to find out. Here are some of the very interesting results:

• 1 in 3 Oregonians report regular tech problems working from home.

• 37% say they have regularly had to cut conference calls short because someone had poor internet.

• Two-thirds think employers should cover home internet costs.

• 1 in 5 admit they have sneakily tried using their neighbor’s WiFi.

• 1 in 4 employees have had to use their cell phone data when their Wifi was too slow.

There was a wide range of results on the tech problems depending on where you live.


Those in Maine are most affected by things like endless buffering, jammed printers or having to squint at their screens: 63% report having regular tech problems. Meanwhile, those in California appear to be the best equipped in their home/office set up, with only 8% reporting problems.

Oregonians spend 1.3 hours per week trying to figure out the tech problems. Minnesotans came out unluckiest, spending 2.9 hours per week screaming at their screens. Those in Alaska, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Vermont only had to devote 25 minutes a week to fixing these problems.

So what do folks working from home miss the most about the office environment:

• More than one-third said having colleagues to speak to.

• Just over a fifth (21%) say they miss most the convenience of on-site tech support.

• Another 21% said they miss the convenience of office equipment, such as printers.

• A total of 14% admit they miss the free tea, coffee and refreshments.


• And 4% say they miss eating out for lunch.

More interesting stuff. Going forward more than half of all employees would prefer their work location to be a mix of home and the office, while 55% of employees say if they were applying for a new job, they are more likely to choose an employer who allows working from home.

And now into the weird stuff. Noisy backgrounds at home led (10%) of employees working remotely to admit there have been times when they have worked from their car in an attempt to get some peace and quiet,

Also, 24% of employees admit they have streamed movies or series while working from home. Correction. If you are streaming movies you are NOT working.