Treat your old job like a new one and see your career take off.

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In a way, the first week of the year is a lot like the first week of a new job — meaning, the way we begin tends to be the way we carry on.

So why not start off your new year right by implementing a few time-tested “first week” tips at the job you already have?

Be on time. When you started your job, you probably worked hard to establish a reputation for punctuality. Have you let this slide? Tardiness can be a vicious cycle. Now is the moment to recommit to arriving to work on time (or perhaps a little early). You’ll feel less frazzled and more focused.

Be adaptable. A new job is a step into the unknown. So is a new year. That “ready for anything” attitude you bring to every new position can also help you tackle the challenges of your current one. Feel free to be flexible. Do old things in a new way. Your career will thank you.

Be up for sweating the small stuff. When we start a new job we’re often surprised at the amount of repetitive detail work that may be involved (items no one mentioned during the interview). But every job involves attending to tasks that are, shall we say, less than glamorous. After you’ve been there for a while, you’ve definitely identified them. You may have even let them pile up. This doesn’t mean they don’t still need to be done. Start your year right by clearing them out now.

Be open to asking for help. At one or more points in your career you’ve probably been advised to “fake it till you make it.” However, this counsel is really meant for situations where you have the know-how to do a job but lack the confidence to carry through. Very often we do need help! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your colleagues and boss. You’re part of a team now.

Be the person your boss hired. You won your job on the basis of what you had to offer, whether it was your spreadsheet savvy or your ability to close deals. The new year is a great time to rededicate yourself to those skills, reminding your boss, and yourself, why you’re there.