Broadcasters, advertising account managers and authors top the list of’s Most Overrated Jobs of 2016.

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Wouldn’t it be great to show up at your high school reunion and answer “author” or “stockbroker” when your old nemesis asks you what you do for a living?

Those are glamorous sounding jobs, but according to, they are overrated positions. What makes a job overrated? Stress, long hours, high turnover or a poor employment outlook are factors that can land a role on CareerCast’s overrated list.

Here are CareerCast’s Most Overrated Jobs of 2016, with median annual salary and projected annual rate of growth through 2020:

Advertising account manager (annual salary, $124,850; projected annual rate of growth through 2020, 9%)

Author ($60,520, 2%)

Broadcaster ($37,720, -9%)

Corporate executive ($102,690, 6%)

Event coordinator ($46,840, 10%)

Photographer ($31,170, 3%)

Public relations executive ($104,140, 7%)

Stockbroker ($71,550, 10%)

On the flip side, CareerCast also found underrated jobs that are less attention-getting, but have good employment projections, pay and the possibility of having a positive impact on an organization or community.

Most Underrated Jobs of 2016

Computer systems analyst ($85,800, 21%)

Diagnostic medical sonographer ($63,630, 24%)

Dietitian ($57,910, 16%)

Environmental engineer ($84,560, 12%)

Financial analyst ($80,310, 12%)

Human resources manager ($104,440, 9%)

Medical technologist ($50,550, 16%)

Physical therapist ($84,020, 34%)