Marketing coordinator for Bainbridge Island-based company gets to talk about what he loves to do — all day long.

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What do you do? My official title is marketing coordinator for Sage Fly Fish and RIO Products. What I do is a much broader question. I get to wear fun and different hats daily. Some of those hats take me to beautiful stretches of rivers in our state and around the country or specialty fly shops, where I get to engage the fly fishing community. Other hats have me managing content, managing our Ambassador Team, social media, answering questions and doing what most consider the daily grind. 
How did you get started in that field? I got started in the fly fishing industry back in Boulder, Colo., when a local fly shop took a chance on a collage trout bum and allowed me to start guiding fishing trips. After a few years, I took over the fly shops e-commerce business, marketing, and content creation.

My wife and I moved out to Seattle where she now attends Bastyr University, and I get to work my dream job at Far Bank Enterprises on Bainbridge Island. We are the largest manufacturer of fly rods on the planet, and RIO Products is a leader in fly line manufacturing.

What’s a typical day like? Many days start in the office like any job would, but we end up migrating out onto our casting dock at some point. There we can test prototype rods, perfecting our casts, and freely talk about what’s on our minds. Other days I get to spend out on the river putting together photo/video shoots, I get to create content for our social media outlets, and on my favorite days, I get to spend the day fishing with our dealers or media partners experiencing our line of products. 
What’s the best part of the job? The best part of getting to work in the fly fishing industry is talking about what I love to do all day long and sharing that passion. Our office culture is made up of lots of anglers. When the rivers are in shape over the weekend, Monday mornings are typically spent drinking coffee and telling fishing stories for the first part of the day. This goes all the way up to our CEO. We are a passionate bunch.
What surprises people about what you do? That I got paid to drive a 1985 VW Westy around the Western United States promoting the Sage brand and living #vanlife. We logged 10,000 miles on the trip, stopping at 26 of our top retailers hosting Happy Hours, and put together 10 different On the Water Demo Days at the best river destinations in the West. It was a pretty incredible trip, all in all. I still can’t believe I pulled off three months out of the house with a 1-year-old at home, and my wife still encourages following my dreams.

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