Are you stuck in a job that's not for you? Here are steps for hunting down and sticking to your true career passion.

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How would you describe your career?

Now think: Does this description put you in a bad mood?

It’s possible it does. A lot of people get a little shoved around by life. Responsibilities, mistakes, expectations and fears send us off on career paths we may only later see are wrong for us. Or they keep us in roles that, truth be told, are suffocating our spirits.

We are told over and over that “it’s never too late” to change your career and start down your true path. And this is certainly correct, though it takes courage and a bit of luck.

It also assumes that you have an inkling of what your true path is, which is actually the bigger problem. Very often, the only thing we’re sure of is that the job we’re in at the moment is the wrong one. So how do you figure out what your true path is? Here are a few ideas:

Start keeping track of the objects, ideas and processes that fill you with excitement. Are you drawn to clothes and shoes? Maybe the fashion industry is the place for you. Do you like to explain things? Maybe teaching is your true passion.

Take your passions for a test drive. You can do this in a number of low-risk ways: volunteer in fields that hold interest for you, interview people who are doing the work that you think you might like to do or sign up for classes.

Seek (self) help. Books, magazines and the Internet offer endless quizzes and exercises that are designed to help you better identify where you should be and what you should be doing. These can be of enormous help, and they’re usually low cost or free.

Seek (professional) help. A good job or life coach, a counselor, and even your favorite clergy person can offer advice and perspective and serve as a sounding board or cheerleader.

Get out of town. Separating ourselves from life-as-we-know-it (in other words, from everything that’s keeping us stuck) can open up minds and spirits. In unfamiliar surroundings we are freer to think unfamiliar thoughts.

Those are just a start. Don’t forget journaling, meditation, prayer and visualization. You have nothing to lose but your bad mood.