Merchandiser for the Halloween department at the Crown Hill Value Village store in Ballard says the most important — and fun! — part of her job is using her creativity.

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Rebecca Stokes

What do you do? I merchandise the Halloween department at the Crown Hill Value Village store, located in Ballard. The most important — and fun! — part of my job is using my creativity and our one-stop “transformation stations” to help customers put costumes together within their budget, oftentimes mixing new and gently-used merchandise. I also set up our Halloween displays throughout the store and am responsible for organizing a Halloween costume fashion show with our team every Thursday at 3 p.m.

What’s a typical day like? Halloween lasts the entire month of October for me. I come in early and pick out the costume I want to wear for that day, and then go out onto the sales floor and make sure our Halloween selection is well-organized for our customers. Once we open for business, I turn my attention to our shoppers and help them create their dream costumes. When not working with customers, I’m organizing merchandise to keep our Halloween section neat and easy to shop.

What’s the best part of the job? The best part of being a costume consultant is helping people tap into their own creativity to come up with amazing costumes. I also love seeing the look on kids’ faces as they come in the store and are astonished to see a character they recognize from movies or television.

What surprises people about your job? It’s a surprise to most people that I not only get to dress up in different looks each day, but that I also get to organize our Costume Catwalk fashion show every Thursday. Being able to dress up co-workers is not something everyone can say they get to do on a regular basis.

What’s the craziest costume you’ve put together? The craziest costume would have to be my Cher costume — it was so good, my co-workers didn’t even recognize me. It had everything from bell bottoms to platform heels to a crazy wig. I stuck with tie-dye and rainbows all the way as I brought back Cher’s ’70s style.

—The Seattle Times Jobs staff

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