Molli Corcoran talks about her cool job at Delta Dental — without spilling any tooth fairy secrets.

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Molli Corcoran

What do you do? As the tooth fairy, I work with Delta Dental of Washington to spread and promote healthy smiles across the state! Much of the time, I’m visiting schools and youth organizations where I meet incredible kids and chat with them about the importance of healthy smiles. I also surprise and recognize “Smile Makers” — individuals and organizations, nominated by their peers, who give back to their communities.

How did you get that job? I’d like to think I was born to be the tooth fairy. At 7 years old, I had eight teeth pulled at the dentist. Despite the large tooth fairy payout, I remained vigilant about my teeth after that: regular brushing and flossing.
Fast forward 20 years, I was working as a children’s theatre actor and educator. Given my background, during my interview for the tooth fairy, it was easy for me to discuss the value a healthy smile has in a child’s life. Also, I’m one of those annoying people who are always smiling — can’t help it.

What’s a typical day like? While I can’t go into the details of my late-night teeth collecting (shhh — it’s a sworn tooth fairy secret), I can speak about daytime activities. When I’m touring as part of the Smile Power program, I make up to five stops a day surprising both kids and Smile Makers in communities across Washington.

What’s the best part of the work? What isn’t the best part? Surprising kids is definitely fun, but I think it’s honoring Smile Makers. Seeing the look on someone’s face as a bright green tooth fairy waltzes into their workplace and thanks them for the service they provide to their community is incredibly special. The people we honor generally assume their work goes unnoticed because they simply see a need and answer the call. These individuals deserve the gift of a “smile.” Nine times out of 10, they are brought to tears and, subsequently, so am I.

What surprises people about what you do? People assume the tooth fairy is just a mythical creature that collects teeth. Little do they know, I’m also on a mission to spread and protect smiles. People are surprised by the degree to which Delta Dental of Washington is committed to enriching its communities by doling out both knowledge and cheer. Smiles are contagious — all it takes is one smile to bring joy to an entire community. 

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