Real-life extremes: Examples of job seekers who went the extra mile — in one case, a lot of extra miles — to win over a hiring manager.

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Some job seekers pull out all the stops when it comes to trying to impress a hiring manager. Case in point: the following examples collected by CareerBuilder in a recent survey of more than 2,300 U.S. hiring and human resources managers.

• A candidate had a priest contact the hiring manager and ask for the candidate to be hired.

• During the month of October, a candidate came dressed in a Halloween costume.

• A candidate sent a pair of embroidered socks with a note saying he would knock the company’s socks off if hired.

• A candidate showed up in his camp-counselor attire with some of the children from the camp he worked for to show his leadership capabilities.

• A candidate mailed the hiring manager money in an envelope.

• A candidate sent a shoe with a flower in it as a thank you after the interview. “Trying to get my foot in the door,” the note said.

• A candidate’s wife made homemade lavender soap bars for the hiring manager as a thank you for taking the time to interview the candidate.

• A candidate bought a first-class upgrade to sit next to the hiring manager on a transatlantic flight.