Check out seasonal job postings, plus six tips to land a summer gig.

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Summer hiring this year will be just as hot as last year. According to CareerBuilder, 41 percent of the 1,021 employers it surveyed said they plan to hire seasonal workers for the summer, roughly the same percentage as 2017.

If you’re looking for a summer job in the Seattle area, check out these summer job postings and seasonal job postings.

You’ll find even more options here in the temporary job openings. And though the clock is ticking, it looks like some internships are still available.

To help you land a gig, CareerBuilder offers some advice:

Apply now. Employers start recruiting for summer help early.

Be flexible. A willingness to work different shifts increases your chances of getting hired.

Dress the part. Dress appropriately when you meet the employer — no T-shirts and flip-flops. One tip: If you’re going to apply for a job in a retail clothing store, make sure to wear clothes from that store.

Don’t ask about the discount. You don’t want the employer to think that’s the only reason you want the job.

Show you’re excited. A little enthusiasm can go a long way, especially when employers are assessing whether you can provide good customer service.

Take the opportunity seriously. Summer jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door with an organization and learn new marketable skills. A majority of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder (88 percent) expect to transition some summer hires into permanent roles, so make the most of it.

Good luck!