An analysis reveals the phrase was 17 times as likely to be used in job ads in the Emerald City than elsewhere in America.

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What even is a paradigm shift anyway?

Whatever it is, Seattle employers really want it. That’s what British job posting aggregator AdView found in an analysis of the most-used (overused?) jargon terms in American help-wanted ads.

The phrase “paradigm shift” was 17 times as likely to be used in job ads in the Emerald City than it was elsewhere in America.

Seattle isn’t the only city with some unimaginative hiring professionals.

The Bay Area is really looking for “doers” (Oakland, 5.2 times the average) and the skill for “blue sky thinking” (San Francisco, a whopping 36.2 times more than the average). They must be hoping to “incentivise” people to move there (San Jose, 5.6 times the average).

Looking for a fun workplace environment? Portland, Oregon, job postings frequently use the words “Nerf guns,” while in Irvine, California “ping pong” is big with employers.

Southern California really loves “rockstars”; Chula Vista and Long Beach employers were at least three times as likely to seek that qualification from prospective job hunters.

Other terms that saw frequent use among American employers include “win-win,” “ground breaking,” “plan of action” and “touch base.”

A word of caution for people looking for work in Lexington, Kentucky, or Jacksonville, Florida: Employers there are really into “pain-points.” That particular turn of phrase was three times more common in Lexington and 1.4 times more common in Jacksonville.