The trade marketing and merchandise manager for butter LONDON in Seattle talks about her job full of "color, rock 'n' roll, Great Britain and fashion."

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What do you do? I am the trade marketing and merchandise manager for butter LONDON, a Seattle-based cosmetics company. I work closely with the sales team to develop and deliver marketing collateral and merchandising elements to support our retailers and maximize sales and maximize sales while supporting the overall butter LONDON marketing vision. In short, any print material, merchandising, fixtures and imagery, I have had my hand in the creation process.

How did you get that job? I actually began at butter LONDON in 2011 as an account executive in sales. I am originally from Tacoma and began my career in beauty at a Tacoma Nordstrom. I have worked as a sales and marketing executive for both large and small prestige beauty companies over the past 18 years, so when this position opened, it was just a natural fit.

What’s a typical day like? Crazy, fun and amazing! It’s never the same twice. One day I may be at my desk all day proofing art files, ordering print materials, reading what our consumers are saying on our social media outlets and catching up on emails. Other days I may be setting up a new fixture, getting our sales and field team ready for events, or visiting our retailers and Sea-Tac Airport store to see what’s going on out in the market.

What surprises people about the job? People are very surprised how much work goes into each project, and how many details and moving pieces make up one finished product. Most people, when viewing a sign in a display unit, just see the beautiful image, they don’t see all the steps it took to create that image.

What’s the best part of the job? I love my job! I work in beauty and get to be creative. Our culture here … is a lot of fun, it’s all about colour, rock ‘n’ roll, Great Britain and fashion.