Saying “because I hate my job” obviously won’t work.

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Q: After being in my current job for eight years, I am more than ready to move on. However, during interviews, I’m not sure how to answer the question “Why do you want to leave your present position?” Saying “because I hate my job” obviously won’t work, so what do you suggest?

A: Applicants must always remember that being honest does not mean disclosing all their thoughts and feelings. Almost every question can have many truthful answers. Because complaints about your current job could make you sound like a hiring risk, explain your desire for change by looking forward, not backward.

This means that instead of discussing problems with the old position, you should describe the attractions of the new one. Before every interview, thoroughly research the company and list everything that you find appealing. Then, when asked about your motivation, outline all the reasons you would like to work there.

If an interviewer continues to probe for negativity, simply state that after eight years, you are interested in new opportunities and challenges. These days, no one is expected to join a company for life.