Steve Haas’ engagement work for World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, has taken him to places as varied as Bakersfield, California, to Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

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Meet Steve Haas, who works for World Vision in Federal Way.

What do you do? I serve as a catalyst — a senior engagement leader — for World Vision in the United States. World Vision is a global Christian humanitarian organization headquartered in Federal Way. As such, I speak on issues that concern the global poor, connect people and organizations to our worldwide mission and innovate new ways people can engage with the underserved. Knowing intimately the people and programs of our organization is a must, while at the same time continuing to develop an understanding of the issues impacting our world.

How did you get started in that field? My past jobs in the nonprofit space have taken me all over the world. In practically every place I visited, where the poor fought for existence, I witnessed firsthand World Vision providing critical assistance. I opted to stop just giving resources, and instead, to also join them as a member of staff. Love of God, people and creation came together for me here.

What’s a typical day like? There is no such thing as a typical day because people and their issues are never “typical.” Organizing and planning meetings, speaking to audiences on the nature of poverty, creating partnerships that deliver needed resources to places as different as Bakersfield, California’s inner city to tent settlements in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Helping others connect with the underserved are just some of the components you might find me engaged in. I have lost touch with the “typical day.”

What’s the best part of the job? The inspiration and learning that comes from connecting with people whether they are fellow staff, donors, audience members, or the recipients of our assistance across the world. There is a fire in the heart of every person, and finding and stoking it for the good of others, providing for what Jesus called “life in all of its fullness” (John 10:10) makes for meaningful work. [The] best part is that everyone can do this!

What surprises people about your work? I have been told countless times that I have the “dream job.” Frequent travel and a varied work schedule can look exotic. Truth is, my mind rarely rests, as it’s too busy attempting to create, maintain or grow a multitude of relational connections at the same time. Looking for connections in places and people not usually joined isn’t so seamless as it seems. It takes time for people to get used to an idea that over time will become natural and obvious. I have been told by close friends that time in my mind would be exhausting!

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