Stress and working seem to go together like spring and sneezing.

In fact, a vast majority (78 percent) of Americans who responded to a CareerCast survey rated their job stress at 7 or higher on a 10-point scale. And, like pollen on a windy day, it’s getting worse: CareerCast says 69 percent scored their job stress at 7 or higher in the 2017 survey.

What stresses us out so much? The most common factor cited in the survey was “meeting deadlines” (38 percent of respondents), with “growth potential” and “interacting with the public” tied for a distant second stressor at 14 percent each, according to CareerCast.

Small wonder, then, that when CareerCast analyzed different jobs based on 11 factors, including deadlines, “broadcaster” and “news reporter” both made its Top 10 list of Most Stressful Jobs for 2019. (Other factors included hazards, public scrutiny, physical demands and competition.)

Here is the entire list of the most stressful jobs, according to CareerCast:

1. Enlisted military personnel ($26,802 median annual salary for an E4 Specialist or Corporal with 4 years of experience, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)


2. Firefighter ($49,080)

3. Airline pilot ($111,930)

4. Police officer ($62,960)

5. Broadcaster ($62,910)

6. Event coordinator ($48,290)

7. News reporter ($39,370)

8. Public relations executive ($111,280)

9. Senior corporate executive ($104,700)

10. Taxi driver ($24,880)

Those looking for a more chill role might want to consider one of CareerCast’s least stressful jobs: medical sonographer, hairstylist, audiologist and jeweler.