A study released in May shows the number of brewing jobs across the U.S. has increased 8% since 2016, with nearly all of that growth coming from craft outfits as large brewery employment remained stagnant.

The Beer Serves America study, conducted for the Beer Institute of Washington, D.C., and the National Beer Wholesalers Association, also shows the U.S. beer industry in 2018 contributed $328.4 billion toward the economy, employed 2.2 million people, and paid $58.6 billion in taxes — about 40% of the price of every beer.

The report says the volume of beer sales is down 2.4% from 2016 but employment is up 8%, with large and regional brewers accounting for 58% of jobs, unchanged from 2016.

But employment growth has come as the number of breweries has jumped by 1,191 in the past two years, most being small brewers or brewpubs. The Brewers Association, a national craft beer group, reported in April that the craft beer segment grew by 4 percent in 2018, grabbing about 13% of market share.

Washington’s beer industry contributes $8.3 billion to the economy and more than 53,000 jobs— directly and indirectly, according to the national study. Many of the jobs were in the business and personal (5,831), travel and entertainment (2,251) and retail (1,934) sectors.

The beer industry

Beer by the numbers

Here is a by-the-numbers breakdown of the U.S. beer industry in 2018, according to the Beer Institute:<br> <br> <strong>$328.4 billion: </strong>Economic output of producers, suppliers and retailers.<br> <br> <strong>$58.6 billion: </strong>Various taxes on beer paid by the industry, its employees and consumers, the equivalent of 40% of the cost of every beer consumed.<br> <br> <strong>2.2 million:</strong> Number of people directly or indirectly employed by the beer industry.<br> <br> <strong>69,928:</strong> Number of people who work for brewers or beer importers. The number of brewing jobs has increased 8% since 2016, representing significant growth in micro and brewpub employment as well as growth in higher margin products from all brewers.<br> <br> <strong>141,588: </strong> Number of people who work for distributors.<br> <br> <strong>436,650:</strong> Number of people who work for beer industry suppliers, such as companies that make bottles and cans, cardboard boxes, brewing equipment or marketing displays. <br> <br> <strong>912,092:</strong> Number of people who work in malt-beverage retailing, including restaurants, bars and stores.<br> <br> <strong>7,716: </strong> Firms that produce or import malt beverages.<br>