I make props and scenery for Teatro ZinZanni.

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What do you do? I make props and scenery for Teatro ZinZanni [a Seattle dinner theater that’s part circus, part cabaret]. Every day, someone (an artist, director or colleague) describes something to me that they wish could be real.

What’s the best part of the job? I get to figure out how to make imaginary objects exist in the real world. I am constantly learning how stuff works. I have a great job for someone who’s curious.

What’s been the hardest prop to make/secure? Thirty-eight millimeter pingpong balls [for an artist who juggles them in his mouth]. Regulation pingpong balls switched to 44 millimeters when there was an idea in the 60s that watching tournaments on TV would be fun, but the balls were too little to see.

What surprises people about your job? I think people are surprised by the diversity of things I get to know about — from cigar bands to counterweights. It’s very random and then very specific.