Not only that, my raise was less than my boss said it would be.

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Q: My boss said he recommended me for a raise of 50 cents per hour, but when I received my paycheck, the increase was for only 25 cents. To make it worse, I learned that my new co-worker was given a 75-cent raise, which seems very unfair.

This co-worker was just hired 10 months ago, while I’ve been here for four years. When I asked my manager about this, he just mumbled something about company pay policies. Doesn’t this seem wrong?

A: First of all, your boss should never have mentioned a specific increase amount unless he was absolutely certain it had been approved. By sharing this information prematurely, he made your raise a disappointment instead of a pleasure.

As for the disparity with your colleague, seniority is only one factor considered in calculating pay increases. Others may include position in pay range, salary caps or performance ratings. To understand the process in your own company, ask the human resources manager. But don’t inquire about your co-worker’s pay because that information is confidential.

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