Amp wizard owns, operates and builds gear all day at GreedTone, a handmade audio company that specializes in stuff for guitar players.

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Greg Williamson

What do you do? I own GreedTone, a handmade audio company [in Seattle] that specializes in stuff for guitar players. I am the owner, operator, designer … and I just build gear all day.

How did you get started in that field? I got in a car wreck and was laid up for eight months and decided to learn electronics. I got obsessed with it and started building stuff.

What’s a typical day like? I don’t know if I really have typical days because I build different stuff every day. I might be building pedals one day; the next day I might be working on amps. And I talk to vendors on the phone, different music stores, or I might end up doing some demos with potential customers at Kill Room Studios, maybe recording some stuff.

What’s the best part of the work? Well, when it comes to the amps, everything is custom. So I get to work with the customer on exactly what they want. The accounts are personal, and it’s kind of like family when I call them to talk about it.

What surprises people about your job? Everything is done in house. From woodwork to electronics to Tolexing [covering with material] the exterior, etc. That, and the fact that working on 100-watt amplifiers makes it lethal.

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