Most companies and organizations that have more than 40 employees usually have a human resources department. The bigger the company, the more likely human resource functions like recruiting, compensation and training are handled by specialists.

Which of these specialty roles offer the best wages and opportunities for growth? CareerCast has identified these top HR jobs for 2019 based on annual median wages and expected growth outlook:

Compensation and benefits analyst ($63,000 annual median wage; 9% projected hiring growth through 2024). Those in this role handle salaries, insurance, paid time off and other benefits. An understanding of actuarial science is helpful in this career, according to CareerCast.

Compliance officer ($67,870; 9%). These specialists must have legal savvy, especially regarding federal, state and local employment laws.

Human resources manager ($113,300; 9%). Managers oversee all functions of an HR department.

Recruiter ($60,800; 9%). Recruiters seek and screen prospective employers.

Training and development specialist ($60,870; 11%). These specialists plan, lead and administer programs that improve employees’ skills and knowledge.

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The median annual salaries and projected hiring growth by 2024 statistics were compiled from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, according to CareerCast.