Boom. Just like that, summer’s over. Perhaps you love rain and can’t wait to splash into fall. But if your idea of heaven is sunshine, and lots of it, you may be feeling a bit sad right now.

Yet you still have to work. Most of us do. Which is why many people have a few self-motivation tricks up their sleeves for the times they’re just not feeling it. In case you need reminding, here are four of the best.

Learn something new. Feeling unmotivated often relates to feeling underutilized. Acquiring a fun new skill makes you a more valuable player and can put a spring in your step too. Take a class, seek out cross-training opportunities, find a mentor. You’ll be so engaged you won’t even notice the gray skies.

Treat yourself, and/or others. Having something to look forward to lightens even routine tasks. It can be small, such as stepping out for a latte after plowing through all your emails, or it can be big, like a weekend getaway (to someplace sunny?) after completing a major project. A less obvious way to give yourself a boost is to boost others. Take a co-worker out to lunch, bring in a yummy treat for the whole gang or just tell people they’re doing a great job.

When you’re not at work, don’t work. Lack of motivation also often stems from simple exhaustion. No one feels good about a job when they’re mentally and physically drained. Try to cut back on the amount of time you spend checking and responding to email after hours. If possible, designate at least one of your days off as a phone-free day. Instead, get outside and do something physical — yes, even in the rain.

Put special emphasis on the elements of your job that you enjoy. You know the parts you don’t like. But how much time do you devote to focusing on the parts you do? Reminding yourself why you chose your job, and renewing your dedication to the specific goals you’re trying to reach, can turbocharge your work life.

Knowing how to self-motivate is a key to happiness at work, and everywhere. So buy yourself an article of clothing that isn’t black, choose a couple of the above tools and have an amazing autumn.