These nuggets of wisdom work for anyone in any field.

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Guess what? It’s Top 10 time — you know, that year-end tradition where we choose the best of everything from movies to memes.

Turns out it works for job advice, too.

1. The first one is the most important one: Be clear about your goals. Do you just want a raise? Or do you want to change the world? The only way to reach a destination is to deeply know what that destination is.

2. To attain any goal you need to be able to handle criticism. We all want to succeed. But when we don’t (it happens), we need to seek out and learn from feedback. It’s the only way to grow.

3. The quickest, surest route to success? It’s to seize the initiative. Don’t wait to be led by the hand — it probably won’t happen. Be on the lookout for ways to solve problems and improve processes. Volunteer for new projects. Become a mentor.

4. Sometimes the job we have now is not “the one.” This doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. Every day, every job, is an opportunity to learn something new.

5. Work hard. It may sound obvious, but in every workplace there’s only one person who is the hardest worker. Aim to be that person. You will earn the respect and admiration of everyone, yourself included.

6. At the same time, know how to ask for help. The myth of the “self-made person” is just that, a myth. No one succeeds on his or her own. Oh, and remember to give help, too.

7. Nothing stays private nowadays. Think through, compose and spell every email, text, post and tweet as if the CEO of your company is going to see it.

8. Busy? You’ll be less stressed if you take the time to list and prioritize tasks. You may even discover that some tasks don’t need to be done at all.

9. There will be days when everything goes wrong. Don’t dwell. Do whatever you have to do to put the problems behind you so you can start fresh in the morning.

10. Finally, and maybe this should have been No. 1: Be a nice person. Having compassion for others makes you happier, as well as successful.

A brand new shiny year is waiting just around the corner. Start it right.