Let’s face it: These are stressful times.

Nearly 80% of Americans say they feel stressed sometimes or frequently during their day, with children and work named as the biggest stressors.

At work, deadlines are one of the biggest culprits of on-the-job stress, according to a recent CareerCast poll. So the job-search portal recently dug into Bureau of Labor Statistics data and its own Jobs Rated report to come up with a list of the 10 best jobs for people who don’t like deadlines — and offer competitive pay, positive growth outlook and welcoming environments.

Here is the list, including the job’s annual median salary and hiring growth outlook:

1. Audiologist ($75,920 median salary; 21% growth outlook through 2026)

2. Biomedical engineer ($88,550; 7%)

3. Chiropractor ($71,410; 12%)

4. Conservationist ($64,310; 6%)

5. Dietitian ($60,370; 15%)

6. Librarian ($59,050; 9%)

7. Occupational therapist ($84,270; 24%)

8. Physical therapist ($87,930; 28%)

9. Massage therapist ($41,420; 26%)

10. Speech pathologist ($77,510; 18%)

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