Key takeaways: Sit up straight and watch your hands.

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You’re qualified for the job. You’ve spent hours researching the company and preparing your responses to typical interview questions. Now, don’t blow it all with your hands.

According to a CareerBuilder survey by The Harris Poll, a weak handshake was identified by 22 percent of hiring managers as the biggest body language mistake job seekers make during interviews. On the other hand, 8 percent said a “too strong” handshake was the worst body-language issue.

Here is the list of the Top 10 body language mistakes from the survey:

• Failure to make eye contact (68 percent)

• Failure to smile (38 percent)

• Playing with something on the table (36 percent)

• Fidgeting too much in his/her seat (32 percent)

• Bad posture (31 percent)

• Crossing their arms over their chest (31 percent)

• Playing with hair or touching one’s face (26 percent)

• Handshake that is too weak (22 percent)

• Using too many hand gestures (13 percent)

• Handshake is too strong (8 percent)