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A workers’ refrain: ‘#ActYourWage’

Ñ ILLUSTRATION MOVED IN ADVANCE AND NOT FOR USE – ONLINE OR IN PRINT – BEFORE 12:01 A.M. ET ON SUNDAY, SEPT. 10, 2023 Ñ  Earlier in the pandemic, when the labor market was tight and workers across industries were fighting for higher wages and better hours, a hashtag took hold: #ActYourWage. A popular slogan on social media, the phrase is meant to urge workers not to labor beyond their pay grade. (Luci GutiŽrrez/The New York Times) Ñ FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH NYT STORY SLUGGED ACT YOUR WAGE BY EMMA GOLDBERG FOR SEPT. 10, 2023. ALL OTHER USE PROHIBITED. Ñ

Fed-up workers have latched onto a trending hashtag to protest their low wages.

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