Q: We moved into a new home (to us) and the plumbing is in good shape. The bathroom has a two-handle sink faucet and I want to change it to a one-handle faucet. Can a new single-handle faucet be installed without changing the sink?

A: Hopefully you have a standard 4-inch, center-set, deck-mount faucet. Basically, that means the measurement from the center of the hot-water handle to the center of the cold-water handle is 4 inches, and the handles and spout are connected on a single faucet base.

A 4-inch center-set bathroom faucet connects to a three-hole bathroom sink. So if you have a three-hole sink with the outside holes 4 inches apart, you should be able to install a single-handle bathroom faucet.

However, a deck plate to cover all the holes is usually needed. Many single-handle bathroom faucets include an “escutcheon,” or deck plate, for this very reason.


Ed Del Grande: eadelg@cs.com. Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.”