Designed to help reduce chlorine and odor in your shower water, shower filters are usually easy to install.

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Q: I recently enjoyed your article on point-of-use water filters. You suggested these types of filters are most commonly used on kitchen sinks. Do they also make point-of-use water filters for shower stalls?

A: A point-of-use (POU) water filter is installed on a single plumbing fixture and filters water only for that fixture. If you want to filter water to your entire home’s plumbing system, install a whole-house water filter on your main water-supply line.

Getting back to POU water filters, they do make the individual water filters for many fixtures, including shower stalls. However, the shower POU filters I have worked with are designed to be used with personal hand showers.

The purpose of a shower POU filter is to help reduce chlorine and odor in your shower water. They are usually easy to install and attach to the diverter valve for your personal hand-shower setup. Consult with your plumber, because they may not fit every shower setup.


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