Q: Hi Ed: We’re adding a small powder room and the toilet will be near a wall to the left of the toilet. All the toilets we’ve seen have the flush handle on the left side of the toilet that will be next to our wall. Do they make right handle toilets?

— Tim, Maine

A: This is one of those questions that a lot of us don’t even think about, but it does make sense once someone brings it up.

If you’re facing most residential toilets, the flush handle is usually on the left side of the toilet.

But in light-commercial restrooms that may use toilet tanks, you can find toilets with the flush handle on the right side of the toilet for easier public access.

So the good news is that right handle toilets are available.

These opposite handle toilets may have to be special-ordered, but in any case seem to be easier to get than they were in the past. I used the word “opposite” in the previous sentence because ordering can be confusing, and here’s what I mean by that.


If you’re facing the toilet it looks simple. Left-side toilet handles are on the left, and right-side toilet handles are on the right.

But from the toilet’s perspective it’s opposite; the left handle is located on the toilet’s right side and vice versa.

Bottom line: If you want to purchase a right-side flushing toilet, discuss handle location carefully so you don’t end up with the wrong order!