Exposed brick is a common and often desirable design feature. It can also pose some decorating dilemmas, especially when trying to hang artwork.

Love the look of exposed brick but not quite sure how to highlight this dominant feature? Here are some tips to avoid hitting a brick wall in your home.

1. Use leaning mirrors. Hanging mirrors on a brick wall is often a challenge.

2. Consider hanging art from a hook in the ceiling using transparent wire.

3. Create holes in brick walls using a masonry drill. Be precise in your planning so you don’t have to create unnecessary holes.

4. Consider painting a brick wall. White and gray are popular color choices.


5. Integrate industrial elements like metal cabinets to help highlight an exposed brick wall.

6. Select a neutral color palette for the room that doesn’t compete with the color of the exposed brick.

7. Consider using complementary industrial elements such as wood and steel.

8. Use black-and-white or graphic images. They often add an element of industrial chic.

9. Consider adding wallpaper near or on a portion of a brick wall.

10. Incorporate materials such as and brass.