Clearing the air about the many benefits of deodorizing toilet seats.

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Q: We are about to finish up a basement powder room with limited ventilation. I remember reading one of your past articles about new toilet seats available with automatic air fresheners built in. How do these seats work, and aside from the air freshener, do they offer any child-friendly features?

A: Many new toilet seats are packed with features, and deodorizing seats offer a lot of bang for the buck.

These special seats are battery-operated, and a small air-freshener system with filter, fan and scent pack is activated when you sit on them.

While the deodorizing system is the main feature, some of these seats do come with additional features, including:

  • Slow-closing lids to avoid slamming the seat.
  • Quick-release hinges for easy cleaning.
  • Grip-tight underseat bumpers for a firm fit.
  • A nightlight to help you find the toilet in the dark.

With all of this information, I hope we have cleared the air about deodorizing toilet seats.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.” Send questions to