Q: I’ve decided on a farmhouse-style kitchen sink for our new kitchen, but I have a question. I like the open work area of a large single-bowl setup, but want I a separate drain for a garbage disposal. Any suggestions on how I can get both features?

A: Farmhouse (or apron-front) kitchen sinks usually feature one large bowl, and many homeowners add a garbage disposal to the single-drain installation. If the single bowl is full of dirty dishes, however, getting access to the disposal drain can be frustrating.

Manufacturers addressed this concern and have found a clever way to add a second sink bowl for a garbage disposal, while still keeping the open work area of a traditional farmhouse design. Commonly known as a smart-divide sink, this design can be found in many double-bowl kitchen sinks in addition to the farmhouse type.

A smart-divide sink features a shorter wall between the double basins. The lower divide offers easy movement from bowl to bowl, and allows space for the handles of your pots and pans to fit in the sink.

And because the divide serves to separate the two drains, you can have a separate garbage disposal and still enjoy the large work area that makes a farmhouse sink so convenient.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.