Perhaps not surprisingly, home sales remain robust. Thousands of Americans are choosing to upsize, downsize or simply relocate, placing properties on the market and selling at a brisk pace in many parts of the country.

How can you ensure your property stands out from the crowd? Here are 10 ways to attract prospective buyers.

1. Hire a professional real estate agent. The lure of selling your property as a FSBO (for sale by owner) may have appeal, but the advantage of having your property represented by a professional will likely outweigh any cost savings.

2. Select an agent who will invest in the right marketing. Marketing can be a critical component when it comes to presenting your property to potential buyers. These days properties must be marketed in different ways, from virtually, to in-person and in print.

3. Properly price your home for the market. While it may be enticing to price a property as high as possible, a property that undergoes price reductions or sits on the market will quickly become a stale listing.

4. Be open to different financing options. While cash is king, many potential buyers may still need bank financing. Others may need to be creative with down payments and overall financing.


5. Invest in staging. How your property is presented will play an important role in helping your property stand out from the crowd. You only get one first impression to wow a potential buyer.

6. Complete all repairs. Many potential buyers view even minor repairs as worry and work. Properties that are move-in ready typically have increased appeal.

7. Be prepared to act. Many deals fall through because a seller was not ready to meet a buyer’s timeline.

8. Prescreen potential buyers. This is especially important in the luxury market to make sure those who view your property will have the means to move forward with a purchase.

9. Shop your competition. Potential buyers won’t just come to view your home, but properties of similar size and price. Understanding comparable properties can help give you an edge.

10. Be open to negotiation. Being flexible may be the key to closing a deal.