Q: I’m remodeling my small powder room and for a classy look I want to install a pedestal bathroom sink. To save space, I plan to go with a round-front toilet. But space will still be tight with a pedestal sink. Any ideas for this one?

A: There is a lavatory sink fixture built for this type of installation. It’s called a semi-pedestal bathroom sink, and it can give you the classic look of a pedestal sink along with a space-saving design.

Semi-pedestal sinks are wall-hung sinks with a semi- or half-pedestal attached to the bottom of the sink. The semi-pedestal descends less than half the distance from the sink to the floor, so it never touches the floor.

This opens up extra leg room under the sink, giving this sink an economical footprint. The semi-pedestal shroud also neatly conceals the sink plumbing.

You can choose from classic or modern-looking sink fixtures, which are complete with a deck for faucet holes and a nice, deep bowl.

Bottom line: Semi-pedestal lavatory sinks can maximize small spaces.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.