Q: We have a half-bathroom with a small wall-hung sink. There’s just enough room on the sink’s backsplash to hold a bar of soap. I want to have hand sanitizer on this sink as well. Do you have any off-the-wall ideas for more sink space?

A: I don’t have any off-the-wall ideas — but I do have an on-the-wall idea.

Wall-hung bathroom sinks are great for saving room space, but they can also be a challenge if you want to add accessories such as toothbrush holders or hand sanitizers. In an effort to get some extra accessory space, I’ve seen homeowners install shelving and medicine cabinets, and even replace their wall-hung sink altogether.

An easier solution would be to add a wall-mounted soap, lotion or sanitizer dispenser just above the sink. These small dispensers usually anchor to the wall studs (check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure), which means there’s one less items keep on the sink itself.

With a hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall instead of resting on the sink, this might clean up your wall-hung sink woes.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.