Q: I have a big extended family and I love to feed them my meals at holiday gatherings. I cook so much that we’re planning a custom kitchen remodel, and I’m looking for suggestions for filling and washing very large pots. Any ideas?

A: Since you are planning a kitchen remodel, you have a clean slate to work with. With that said, I do have some suggestions.

Instead of filling a pot with water at the kitchen sink and then moving it to the stove, you can have a pot-filler faucet installed near the stove. These wall- or deck-mounted faucets include tall spouts that swing out over the pot so it can be easily filled on the stovetop.

As for washing your large pots, I have two types of faucets for you to consider.

Since it sounds as if you cook like a semiprofessional chef, I’m going to recommend a semiprofessional kitchen faucet, which operates like one that you would find in a restaurant kitchen. Semipro faucets have tall, flexible gooseneck-style nozzles with a spring support to help fill and wash larger pots and pans.

Another option is a bridge-style kitchen faucet. This is a high-arch faucet that mounts on the wall over the sink, giving you extra clearance for larger items.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.