Cabinets, countertops, sinks and lighting.

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Q: How about giving us a sneak peek at the trends for 2018! 

A: January is the time of year when many of us in Seattle join approximately 41 percent of Americans across the country (according to that regularly make New Year’s resolutions. But we all know that keeping those resolutions is a different story.

Perhaps that’s because  so many resolutions are all about things we think we have to do instead of things we want to do. Maybe this year is the time to focus on something you’ll enjoy for years to come: Remodeling your home to make it more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable.

Let’s look at a few remodeling trends we’re observing as we move into 2018, focusing on the two most commonly remodeled rooms in the house: the kitchen and the bathroom.

  • Countertops: For years, designers, builders and homeowners have turned to granite as the go-to material for countertops. And while there has been speculation for some time that granite would be toppled from its prominent position, it appears that it might actually be happening. Quartz is the new favorite because of its fresh look and numerous finish options.
  • Sinks: While porcelain will continue to be popular in bathrooms, there is a strong movement toward stone sinks in bathrooms. In the kitchen, stainless sinks appear to be on their way out (But remember that stainless appliances were supposed to be on their way out years ago). You can expect to see more kitchen sinks made of stone, concrete and even copper.
  • Different colored kitchen cabinets: There is definitely a trend in this direction today. We’re not talking about “multi-colored-mash-ups,” but the trend is toward having upper cabinets in one color with lower cabinets in a contrasting or complementary color (often tied together with the backsplash).
  • Tile: Despite its huge popularity for a while, white subway tiles appears to be headed back underground. That doesn’t mean tile is out, but the trend appears to be headed more in the direction of colors, patterns and intriguing designs. We’ve ven seen backsplash tile designed to mimic the look of wallpaper.
  • Kitchen lighting: Choosing the right lighting is critical for any room in the house. Of course, your kitchen lighting choices will vary depending on the style of kitchen you have. Vintage- style pendant lighting, however, seems to be increasing in popularity.

While it’s fun (and interesting) to keep an eye on new trends for kitchens and bathrooms, it’s important to keep trends in perspective. When it comes to home design, timeless design (a blend of how your home looks, feels and functions) always works better than trying to keep up with the latest trends.

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