Q: We’re doing a kitchen remodel that includes changing out light fixtures and I have a few questions. What is pendant lighting? Is it different from chandelier lighting? If so, how do the costs compare and are there advantages to pendant lighting fixtures?

A: The basic explanation of a pendant light seems to be that it hangs from the ceiling and uses a wire, tube or chain to support only one decorative light bulb.

This may differ from a chandelier that can support multiple lights on a single fixture. But definitions are debatable, since lighting is a huge category with many variations.

As far as expenses to use pendants versus a chandelier, chandeliers may cost more per fixture. However, you may need a few pendant fixtures in place of a single chandelier.

For a custom lighting arrangement, strategically placed pendant lights can have advantages. Hang them parallel in a row, or group several pendant lights hanging at varied heights for a fun, chandelier-like effect.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.