Q: Hi Ed: We have a small half-bath that feels very closed in. I’d like to have a plumber replaced the vanity with a pedestal sink to open up space. Is it possible to replace a vanity with a pedestal sink and what may need to be done?

— Bryan, Washington state

A: The short answer is yes, in most cases it is possible to remove a vanity sink and replace it with a pedestal sink. But it can get a little more complicated than you expect, depending on the location and the condition of the existing water and drain lines.

Because the plumbing is usually exposed with the installation of a pedestal sink, specific rough-in measurements of the water and drain lines, plus finished plumbing materials, may be required.

When you meet with a plumber for this job, some basic areas of concern should be addressed up front including: proper backing in the wall needed to anchor the new pedestal sink; if removing the vanity could expose problems with the floor; and as I mentioned, if the bathroom sink plumbing may have to be re-roughed.

Once you get all the job scope information needed, then you can make a final decision based on your budget. However, you may get lucky with the existing plumbing, walls, and floors, and if that’s the case, installing your new pedestal sink could be a truly uplifting experience.