Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, is getting lots of love from homeowners looking for a wood-like flooring option.

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Q: We’re looking at new flooring. Any insight from the world of the flooring professional?

A: A fantastic-looking floor in great condition will always help your home value. One flooring product can withstand everyday wear and tear, will not cost an arm and a leg, and is available at so many price points and colors your head might spin.

What is it?

As homeowners look at attractive products throughout a flooring showroom, they generally stop in awe when they get to luxury vinyl plank, or LVP. It looks good, is available in many amazing choices, and the price is affordable both for the product and the installation. Quite literally, many think it is too good to be true.

LVP looks like wood planks in everything from color to species, but is resilient, easy to maintain and more cost-effective than traditional wood flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is also available as an alternative to that “wood look” with all the same attributes.

It’s no surprise that LVP is being installed in all types of homes today: large upper-end, small starter homes and everything in between. There are so many varieties and design styles to choose from, few homes look the same with similar materials being installed. It is a way to personalize the space without breaking the bank.

Most LVP is waterproof, so it can be installed throughout the home. Gone are the days of having to choose a different material for your bathroom.

LVP is nearly indestructible. With the right installation methods, your kids could ride bikes in your kitchen. You could quite literally have a dog party without a care in the world. It is so durable, many national chains of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and hotels have installed LVP.

As for your home value, times are changing. Homebuyers see strong value in great-looking floors that don’t need to be re-sanded or replaced every few years. Someday soon, LVP might become as sought-after in homes as stainless-steel appliances and granite countertops.


Jenny Steiner works for Builders Interiors in Woodinville and is a member of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.