Q: We have a powder room with fixtures original to our home. However, the toilet has a modern-looking plastic seat. I don’t want a natural wood seat, but I’d like a vintage-looking seat to match the toilet. Any suggestions?

A: Solid plastic toilet seats have advantages such as easy cleaning and resistance to staining and chipping, but in most cases they do give a modern look to a bathroom, especially when it comes to color and finish — not what you’re looking for. Similarly, injection-molded seats have a solid color throughout and a glossy bright finish.

For the vintage style you’re seeking, many homeowners choose a natural wood toilet seat. Wood seats can add an old-time feel to a bathroom.

But if you want a true vintage look, there is another wood choice. A compression-molded wood toilet seat with a painted surface can give you a heavy feel with a vintage finish. These higher-end seats can also have strong nickel hinges to complete the look.

So if you want something vintage-looking that can really flip your lid, check out a compression-molded wood toilet seat.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.