Each year, the prestigious Pantone Color Institute selects a Pantone Color of The Year. The color selection sets color trends in motion that influence everything from runway fashions to home decor.

The 2020 Pantone Color of The Year is Classic Blue, a dark and deep shade, very close to what many might consider indigo.

Blue is a timeless color, and the shade is certainly classic. Blue is by all accounts the new black, especially for those looking for an alternative to bolder attributes.

Decorating with Classic Blue

Classic Blue is often seen in more traditional home decor settings, but it can also feel modern and fresh, depending on the materials and colors in which it is paired. Whether part of a graphic pattern, infused into accessories or artwork, or foundation elements such as upholstery, Classic Blue can be incorporated in different ways. It is hard not to make a solid and timeless choice.

Classic Blue can be incorporated in different ways, like infused into accessories or artwork. (TNS)

Why Classic Blue?

The shade has yellow undertones, which helps add to its appeal. It often works well when paired with a complementary color such as orange or warm colors such as yellow and green.

Where to use Classic Blue

Think of Classic Blue as a great accent color. Consider using it in accessories such as toss pillows, throws, artwork and area rugs, as well as accent furniture such as side chairs.

Here are a few tips for using Classic Blue:

  • Integrate blue accents through elements such as rugs, furniture, accent walls and artwork.
  • Look to accessories such as toss pillows, throws and vases as a way to infuse Classic Blue into a space.
  • Don’t be afraid to pair Classic Blue with lighter shades of blue.
  • Pair Classic Blue with neutral colors to create a sense of contrast such as white, taupe and gray.
  • Consider using Classic Blue as a foundation color. It can be used a base color, similar to black or brown.


Cathy Hobbs: info@cathyhobbs.com. Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy Award-winning television host, an interior designer and a home-staging expert based in New York City.