Texture is a key (and often ignored) element in home decor. From tactile materials to elements such as fabric, wood and metal, texture can greatly enhance nearly any space.

Looking for ways to add interest to a space in need of a pick-me-up? Here are a variety of ways to add texture to your home.

1. Area rugs top the list. From flat weaves to thickly knotted rugs and those with raised elements, they can be added to a space to instantly make it feel warm and cozy, while also incorporating texture.

2. Faux fur is still popular, and it’s a way to add both texture and a cozy element to your home.

3. Wood — from furniture to decorative elements such as trays, side tables and accents — is a wonderful way to add texture.

4. Metals such as brass or chrome add a sleek, smooth texture to a room, as well as color and a glam element.

5. Materials and fabrics such as the upholstery on a sofa, chair or toss pillow are great ways to add texture and tactile elements to a room. Try materials such as leather, wool, velvet or certain cottons.


Cathy Hobbs: info@cathyhobbs.com. Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy Award-winning television host, an interior designer and a home-staging expert based in New York City.