When you think of traditional color combinations, what typically comes to mind? Perhaps neutral colors such as black and white, or tan paired with brown.

Putting the right colors together can add interest and create an inviting space in your home. Afraid to experiment with different color combinations? Here are some tips to help you find just the right mix.


1. Pair strong foundational colors together, such as white, black and gray.

2. Incorporate a pop of brightness in your color scheme.

3. Consider unexpected, versatile base colors such as indigo or chocolate brown.

4. Use contrast elements and pair light and dark colors.

5. Use citrus colors such as orange, yellow and green in areas where you are looking to capture the eye.

A citrus color such as yellow or green will contrast nicely with foundational tones. (Dreamstime via TNS)


1. Be afraid to use jewel or metallic tones to add color and interest.


2. Pair the same tints, tones or shades in the same room when you’re looking to achieve a vibrant sense of color. Using contrasting colors will have more impact.

3. Forget to incorporate color through the use of artwork and accessories.

4. Use overly dark colors on walls. White or light base colors will help make your other colors pop.

5. Forget classic color combinations such as red, white and black. Some color combinations can stand the test of time.