Q: I enjoyed last week’s plumbing gift article for the holidays. Especially liked the rules: affordable, easy install and fun. But I noticed the gifts were bathroom-related. Any kitchen plumbing gift ideas I can research?

A: Plumbing accessories can be fun gift choices, and you’re right that they go beyond the bathroom-related suggestions I offered last week. I’ve come up with a few kitchen plumbing ideas to add to the gift list.

Wine glass drying racks: This dedicated air dryer is made especially for wine glasses. Wash, rinse and hang the glasses right next to the sink for fresh party supplies.

Disinfecting wipes dispenser: These new stainless steel canisters look great on any kitchen countertop and can fit 30–35 wipes inside — that is, if you can find the hard-to-find wipes at the store.

Kitchen sink utility racks: Improve the work area with these adjustable sink racks that straddle the sink bowl. Features include soaking cups, towel dryers and temporary shelving .

I hope these additional kitchen gift suggestions help you cook up some good presents for the holidays.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.